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Sports Doctor

Sports Doctor

The Sports Doctors at South Coast Sports Medicine are trained in range of areas, specialising in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment. Their extensive education extends to muscle, ligament, tendon and bone problems but can also treat chronic illnesses that can affect physical performance. Our Doctors deliver clinical physical activity interventions, using evidence based research to prescribe treatment and changes.

We recommend booking an appointment with a Sports Doctor to get an assessment before going to a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist. No referral is required to see a Sports Doctor, and Medicare rebates are available.

Dr Jen Graham-Taylor
Sports Doctor, Nutritional Medicine

Jen graduated from UWA in 2000, and in the subsequent ten years gained extensive experience in Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine and various hospital-based specialties. She qualified as a General Practitioner in 2013 and completed her Master’s degree in Sports Medicine in the same year. Jen has experience in most aspects of sports medicine including event coverage, acute injury and fracture management, and enjoys working with patients with chronic injuries or illnesses who want to stay active.

Jen is currently studying at Curtin University and will complete her Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine in 2017. She has had training in worker’s compensation and injury management, ergonomics, and many types of medical assessments including rail medicals.

Jen has a passion for lifestyle medicine and preventative health. She has completed training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, is a Biobalance practitioner and a member of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and Sports Medicine Australia. She is currently studying lifestyle medicine and behavioural change, and is pursuing Fellowship of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

When she is not at South Coast Sports Medicine she can be found maintaining her skills in General Practice and Emergency Medicine.

Jen moved to Albany in 2012 with her husband and two young children. She is a keen musician, an ex-elite mountain biker, orienteer and adventure racer, has completed half-ironman triathlons and still enjoys cycling and other outdoor sports in her spare time. She is an active member and committee member of the local orienteering and triathlon clubs.

Dr Russell Young
Sports Doctor

Russell graduated from Manchester University in the UK in 1997 and moved to Australia in 2002 after basic surgical training in Yorkshire. He qualified as a General Practitioner in 2012 and became a Specialist in Emergency Medicine in 2012. He completed his Master’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine in 2015. He has been in Albany since 2012 working between General Practice and Emergency work at Albany Hospital. He became Director of the Emergency Department in Albany in 2016.

Russell is very interested in acute injury work, non-operative Orthopaedics, sports team medical cover and exercise promotion. He set up the fracture clinic in Outpatients at Albany Hospital in 2014 and ran a trial at Pioneer Health comparing two different types of exercise advice in 2014. He has previously been the doctor for a number of road cycle races, was Bunbury Turf Club’s Supervising Doctor from 2010 to 2013 and Team Doctor for Hull City in the English Premier League for the season 2008-09.

When not working, Russell is an avid golfer playing off single figures at Albany Golf Club. He is a keen runner and is developing Triathlon and Orienteering skills in Albany, being a member of both clubs. He played association football for UWA between 2003-12 and is considering a come-back for a Veteran team in Albany. His dream is to transfer his love of sport to his two small children.

Health Fund Rebates

Depending on what level of cover you have, you should receive a rebate from your health fund. We are able to help you access your rebate automatically through our electronic rebate facilities, which connect directly to your health fund, when you settle the account.

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A deadlift is a great way to develop posterior chain muscular. A bent over row requires trunk stability while performing a rowing movement and this truck stabilisation exercise test the 'core' muscles to reduce weakness.

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In our latest clinical meeting Dr Russell explained the benefits and shortfalls of all types of imaging

Have you ever wondered why your doctor might not have ordered a scan of your injured limb or lower back? 

Check out for a easy to understand flow chart of all the considerations that form a decision to scan or not.


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There are a number of simple mobilistaion exercise with can be performed to improve range of motion and reduce pain through these areas.

This mobiliser activities aim to improve range of motion in a number of planes ensuring the thoracic spine and surround muscles can work as intended.

If you spend long periods sitting or suffer from back pain, contact South Coast Sports Medicine to discuss the treatment method right for you.
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